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Michel Serrault

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Michel Serrault (Michel Lucien Serrault)

Born: 24 January 1928 Brunoy, France, Died: 29 July 2007 (aged 79) Équemauville, Calvados, France

He was a multi-award-winning French stage actor and film star who appeared from 1954 until 2007 in more than 150 films.
For example:
His first film was Ah! Les belles bacchantes in 1954.
Serrault played in the 1955 suspense thriller Les Diaboliques.
He worked together with Brigitte Bardot in Cette Sacrée Gamine (1955).
He played the role of Albert Le Cagneux, the burglar in Assassins et Voleurs (1956).
From February 1973 through 1978, he portrayed the role of Albin/Zaza in the play La Cage aux Folles.

Michel Serrault